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Scientific Research of Complex Mechanical Systems


Bisha A., Londo A. The process of the construction of structure and fixing the glasses on the curtain walls


Bisha A., Londo A. The influence of joint elasticity on machinery oscillations


Bisha A., Londo A. The energetic performance in the aluminium and glass construction


Bogdanovich S. P. Water, carbon fibre and carbon black effects on physical properties of Poliamide 6


Veremeichick A. I., Sazonov M. I., Khvisevich V. M. Surface plasma strengthening of cast iron matrixes


Veremeichick A. I., Khvisevich V. M. Elaboration of potential method in the research of stress-strain state for heterogeneous axial-symmetric bodies


Vorozhun I. A., Zavorotny A. V., Korotkevich E. S. Study of “motor car-pipe tiers” system dynamics at braking


Vorozhun I. A., Zavorotny A. V. Mathematical collision simulation of platform with three-tiered tubes and car wall


Glinsky D. V., Chernous D. A. Analysis of equilibrium of human musculoskeletal system elements


Delkov A. V., Romanenko I. V., Rychkov S. N. Mechanical devices of solar baterries


Zhurayev F. U. Chisel-ripper explanation for decompression of gypseous soil layers in irrigated cropping


Karakulov M. N., Zankeev V. A., Borodulin M. I. Analysis of plunger transmission overlapping


Karakulov M. N., Karakulova E. V., Borodulin M. I. Analysis of force interaction for plunger gas-hydraulic engine elements


Kozunova O. V., Sigai E. A. The use of variable modulus of deformation in nonlinear computations of heterogeneous foundation


Kuziomkina G. M., Shimanovsky A. O., Pleskachevsky Yu. M. Finite element modeling of reinforced beam complex loading


Mimaroglu A., Unal H., Kaya H. I., Bayraktar Z., Calik B., Ozsoy N. An approach to improvement in the frame design of Go-Kart chassis


Mityushov E. A., Roshcheva T. A. Kinematic algorithm for ruled surface deployment


Mitjushov E. A., Roshcheva T. A. One problem of the dynamics of a constrained particle


Novikov A. K. Formation of high-strength structures of plastic casts


Putsiata A. V. To the question of standard loading of car body with loose goods for strength


Tserenja A. A., Gribkov Yu. A. Target device


Chernous D. A. Forced longitudinal oscillations of a viscoelastic rod


Yakubovich O. I., Shimanovsky A. O., Putsiata A. V., Kebikov A. I. Finite element modelling of the process of cold pressing for the gondola car hatch cover


MechanicsProblems of Teaching


Goroshko V. S., Nazarova L. P. Computer modelling of engineering mechanics problems


Gribkov YU. A. Mechanics chair experience in the creation of engineering mechanics educational course


Loktionov A. V., Senkov S. A. To the question of setting up the differential elliptic pendulum relative motion equation


Nazarova L. P. Competence approach to engineering mechanics course at aerospace institute of higher education


Tarasov V.K. Graphic methods for positional definition of instantaneous acceleration center


Temirtasov O. T., Turusbekov S. K. Problems of credit technology training


Chalecki M. Computer for students’ solutions check


Chernetsky M. S. Methodological features of engineering mechanics course


Materials of International Engineering Mechanics Contest 2009


Shimanovsky A. O., Yakubovich O. I. International Engineering Mechanics Contest 2009 results

1 Theory Contest - Problem Situations

2 “Brain-ring” Team Contest - Tasks

3 Theory Contest – Problem Solutions

4 “Brain-ring” Team Contest – Task solutions

5 Theory Contest – Results (Individual event)

6 Theory Contest – Results (Team event)

7 Team’s Supervisors

8 “Brain-ring” Team Contest – Results


9 “Brain-ring” Team’s Line-up (in the winning rank order)

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