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Scientific Research of Complex Mechanical Systems


Bogdanovich S. P. Ultradispersed copper particles influence on PA6 mechanical and tribotechnic properties and PA6/PE compatibilized mixture


Veremejchik A. I., Zheltkovich A. E., Filimonova N. V., Figol P. V., Kosko A. S. Experimental shrink-off and thermal effect definitions of concrete coefficient of elasticity and linear deformation


Veremejchik A. I., Sazonov M. I., Hvisevich V. M., Jakushevich S. High concentrated body heating source temperature fields definition test


Vorozhun I. A., Zavorotny A. V. Flatcar and pipe fastening hardware dynamic force analyses


Davydenko Yu. A. Advantages of controlled vibromachines for manufacturing light-weight concrete products


Zavorotny A. V., Vorozhun I. A. Car with electromagnetic suspension emergency guideway landing simulation


Kindova-Petrova D. D., Lilkova-Markova S. V. Non-homogeneous Torsion of Thin-Walled Beams with Open Cross-sections and Loaded with Torsion Moment


Kolomnikova O. S. The analysis of strength for unit-load packing under act of normative operational loads during railway transportation


Konečný Z. Behaviour Analysis of Robot Arm


Krakova I. E. Finite-element modelling of non-stationary rolling motion of an elastic wheel on a plane


Kuziomkina G. M., Pleskachevskii Yu. M., Shimanovsky A. O. Forced oscillations of the production building with rack-beams carcase


Makeev S. V. Hopper car for mineral fertilizers model 19-923 strengh analysis


Novikov A. K. Strength of plastic moldings obtained by running casting method


Plchová A. The Mathematical Model for Controlling the Coiling Machine for Metal Strips


Sahno V. P., Zavjalova L. I., Trushin A. V. Stability of multi-axles car motion research in case of its high dimension vector state


Serdjuk L. I. Controlled shake-out machines, their advantages in comparison with ordinary ones


Serdjuk L. I., Peskovoj S. S. Research of load and rolling resistance in bearings of shake-out machines unbalance shaft effect


Sigaj E. A., Silchenko A. A., Kozunova O. V. The variational-differential approach to nonlinear calculation of foundation plates on the laminated grounds


Cherevko A. N., Cherevko P. A. Controlled three-unbalance vibration generator dynamic properties and its nonstationary vibration field synthesis capability


Chernous D. A. Prognostification of elastic potential parameters for elastomers


Shigabutdinov F. G., Murtazin R. Z., Muhutdinov R. F. Buckling of elastic cylindrical shells with irregular cross-section shape by longitudinal impact


Shigabutdinov F. G., Hamitov T. K., Shigabutdinov A. F. Evaluation of critical forces for loss stability of elastic rods at longitudinal impact by static criterion


Shimanovsky A. O., Putiato A. V., Jakubovich O. I. The analysis of damping efficiency for liquid sloshing in tanks


Shimanovsky A. O., Kuziomkina G. M. “Technical Physics and Engineering Mechanics” chair scientific research for 55 years of its existence


MechanicsProblems of Teaching


Bober O. A. Engineering mechanics: its place in the educational process


Dubinin V. V., Vitushkin V. V., Dubrovina G. I. Physical experiment, mathematical simulation and information data processing methods in mechanics


Kovalenko A. V. MSC.ADAMS application for hinge-lever mechanisms kinematic and dynamic analyses


Komnatny D. V.  Study of nonlinear dynamics in the course of engineering mechanics at technical university


Puchkov N. P., Popov A. I. Formation creative competency in olympiad traffic on mechanics


Roshcheva T. A., Mitjushov E. A. The theory of linear transformations: engineering mechanics methodical availability


Rusan S. I. Some questions of body plane motion qualitative analysis


Materials of International Engineering Mechanics Contest 2008


Shimanovsky A. O., Kovalenko A. V. International engineering mechanics contest 2008 results


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